Hello Developers, if you have already known javaScript some fundamental topic then I think you should be known that type of question which is always come interview. YES, today I will talk about some interview questions and answer it is very necessary for a javaScript developer who looking for that job.

What is javascript:

javaScript is a programing language. Is a lightweight interpreted and just-in-time compiled programing language with a first-class function.JavaScript can update and change both HTML and CSS. It is basically client-side language.

var, let, const

var changeable and it shares value with the parent scope. let is also changeable but it is not…

Hello developer, I am Shakil Ahmed today I will shortly discuss the fundamental concept of React 🤩 so stay with me and read properly A to Z learn once, write anywhere 👨‍💻.

What Is React? Library OR Framework

React is not a framework it is a library. So React is a library for building a user interface. With react we get to be declarative for HTML UIs that represent dynamic data, not static data. When react released it comes with a new idea of virtual DOM.

DOM (Document Object Model)

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an application programming interface (API) for HTML and XML documents. Below the DOM Structure

Hello JS developer today we are talking about some theoretical topics and ES6. So read this article properly It can help you

Type Of: We use many types of value in this programming language. so we have to clearly understand which type of value we use and of which context.

we can find type using at typeof() keyword. we are found 2 categories and a total of 9 types of value

1.Primitive value: 1.Undefined 2. Null 3. Booleans 4.Numbers 5.Strings 6.Symbols 7. BigInts

2.Object & Function: 8.Objects 9. Function And array, data, regular expression fundamental object in JS.

Handle JS…

Hello Beginner JavaScript Developer lets we talk about some JS method it’s read properly and it will be benefited for you. Heppy Learning

  1. includes(): It is a case-sensitive search on the string if the string is found then return true otherwise return false

console.log([‘shakil’, ‘fariha’, ‘jannat’].indexOf(‘jannat’) >= 0); //true

2. replace(): replace a word in a sentence with some or all matches of a sentence

let result = “1 abc 2 abc 3”.replaceAll(“abc”, “xyz”);
// return “1 xyz 2 xyz 3”

3. subStr(): it returns portion string in a string it has 2 parameter 1st started index num 2nd where…

shakil ahmed

Hello, I am Shakil Ahmed Front End Developer & I am also working as a MERN developer I Love ❤️ JS.

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